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  • Particle Theory and Boat Parts

    Particle Theory and Boat Parts

    By Capt. Wayne Canning                 The theory of wave-particle duality in Quantum Mechanics as I understand it (and trust me I do not  understand it at all) is that sub atomic particles can be in all places at once at least until observed. Once observed […]

  • Entropy


    By Capt. Wayne Canning, AMS I think if I ever get another boat I think I am going to name her Entropy. (Is it still politically correct to call a boat “her or “she”?) From Wikipiedia “Entropy is a macroscopic property of a system that […]

  • Chainplate Maintenance

    Chainplate Maintenance

    By Capt. Wayne Canning, AMS Chainplates are not an item you will find on many boat owners list of maintenance tasks. Most owners never think their chainplates would need any maintenance. For the most part they would be right, however like it or not, chainplates […]