As things go I was not able to right back to the hull deck joint repair the following weekend and it was a couple of weeks before I got back to this project. The first thing I did was to cut a bunch of wood wedges. I used a good quality soft wood fir for this. Over the years I have found these work best and are cheap to make. They stay in place well and do not damage anything when hammered into place. I used a chisel to start opening the hull deck joint and then worked in the wooden wedges to sort “un-zip” the joint.

With all the screws and fasteners out the joint opened up surprisingly easy, letting me know this project was really needed. What I found was a outside filler of a hard substance of what looked like a resin and cabosil filler. Under the flange was 36 year old Butyl tape that just fell out. That of course made cleaning up the joint a bit easier. To clean the joint I used a Fien osculating tool with a scarping blade. I stuck 36 grit board paper on each side of the blade to roughen up and clean in the joint. This worked pretty well really.


As I will be re-gluing the joint with methacrylate adhesive to glue the joint together it did not have to be perfectly clean.  Methacrylate is fairly aggressive and will work even with poor pre of the surface. As long as surface is basically clean and free of a heavy film it will work well, making it a good choice for this application. The vibrating double sided sander did a good job of roughing the surface and knocking loose material out. I’m glad I spend my lazy Sunday mornings reading bench sander reivews, some may laugh, but I have the best tools in town and when in comes to maintaining your stuff, tools are kings.

With the joint cleaned and prepped it was time to glue the sucker back together, it was also the end of the day. As it was Saturday the plan was to spend Sunday gluing things together. But life on boats does not always flow our desires and the next day it rained just enough to make me hold off on a critical task like applying a high tech and somewhat costly adhesive.

Stay tuned for better weather and some serious gluing!

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